Integrated solutions for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Conveni-Pack combines refrigeration, comfort cooling and heating in a plug & play solution that uses CO₂ as refrigerant.

A totally natural solution, for HVAC&R applications

Retailers are faced with a growing need to provide fresh goods, prepared meals and chilled drinks.. all at the same time. Environmental and zoning requirements are stricter than ever and energy costs must be kept under control. Conveni-pack is the natural solution. It reduces total energy demand due to its unique, integrated approach to food conservation and space heating/cooling.

Conveni-pack is unique in combining refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in one total solution using the latest controls and inverter technology in order to maximize energy efficiency. The system can be connected to virtually all refrigeration applications and is supplied with ducted air conditioning indoor units to respond to all shop requirements.

Why choose Conveni-pack?

DX Refrigeration, Heating & Space cooling by CO2, for those whom demand a totally natural solution.

Heat recovery, and for those colder days automatic heat pump operation.


The heat recovery function provides large energy savings by taking the waste heat from the refrigeration system and providing it to the indoor AC units.

This way comfort in the shop is improved. Conveni-pack is able to provide comfort all year round.

Depending on the outdoor temperature, the system can operate in 4 different modes:

  • Fully assembled & packaged unit, providing ultimate reliability
  • Mass produced in Daikin Europe’s award winning factory
  • Each unit is fully factory run & tested
  • All units in stock, fast delivery


Daikin’s unique CO2 SWING compressor provides the highest isentropic efficiency of 69.5%, is the best performing hermetic compressor available in the market and is protected by 4 global patents.

Oversized DC Brushless motor technology for improved reliability & efficiency.
Two-stage compression technology with intercooler
– providing longer life-time expectancy and increased energy savings.

Using Daikin developed Swing compressors that are much quieter than piston compressors

Inverter control allows compressors to match exactly the load, eliminating constant compressor starting and stopping

Specially designed sound-absorbing compressor jackets;

Variable speed fans, complete with optimized blades and grills reduce turbulence and noise

Automatic enabling of night mode, along with several noise reduction modes available as standard

Indoor installation possible for highly sound sensitive environments

A research project that supports our vision for a sustainable future.

Natural HVACR 4 LIFE is a research project led by Daikin Europe that is in line with the company-wide initiative to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, including the emissions generated throughout the life cycle of Daikin products. 

Co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE program, this project will examine the potential of lowering the climate impact of a combined refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solution for convenience stores.

Through Natural HVACR 4 Life, Daikin will demonstrate the new Conveni-Pack that uses CO₂ as natural refrigerant and investigate performance enhancing design features.

Project objectives

Remove market barriers

by exploring the viability (in terms of energy and safety) of an integrated refrigeration, heating and comfort cooling system that uses CO2 as a natural refrigerant

Raise awareness

among installers, engineers, customers and the general public on the potential benefits of using CO2 as a natural refrigerant in convenience stores

Contribute to the EU F-gas regulation

which aims to phase down the carbon equivalent consumption of HFCs by 2030


Would you like to find out how the new CO2 Conveni-Pack would fit into your next project or take part in Natural HVACR 4 Life test project, benefiting from special conditions?

Complete the form and we will come back with a complete estimation including the price of your CO2 Conveni-Pack system!

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